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Going Mobile with Luxury Brands

Mobile is big. It's especially big with luxury brands. What are some ways that high-end brands can better engage customers on the go?

Luxury car brands have many differentiating features. From heated steering wheels to power window shades, luxury automakers constantly come up with subtle new ways to please their high-paying customers. But streamlined software--more than physical features--is often at the front of this fight, and nowhere does the need for such technology become more apparent than when considered in context with the rising popularity of mobile devices.

With the latest figures showing U.S. smartphone penetration at 47%, highly capable mobile devices are clearly an important part of many consumers' daily lives. So it's only natural that automakers would aim to take advantage of the mobile channel by providing custom mobile apps, text message marketing, and mobile ads designed to attract interest and engage consumers with both automotive and lifestyle content.

Common features of mobile-oriented offerings include the opportunity to build a dream vehicle, schedule a test drive, or share vehicle photos with friends and colleagues. Because many luxury car owners are devoted enthusiasts who take pride in their vehicles, they are often very willing and able to content online, furthering their identification with the brand. Other luxury automakers have sent reminders regarding upcoming service recommendations, another area where owners of expensive vehicles might be more apt to respond.

Enprecis recognizes the central role mobile plays for many customers, and has integrated our customer satisfaction questions into mobile and iPad for various purposes. But we--and our clients--are always looking for new ways to help drivers out on mobile. So what's a feature or task related to driving that you would like to see better integrated with your mobile phone--or what's a vehicle feature you'd like to replace with your phone?

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  1. Nate:
    Sep 21, 2012 at 11:02 AM

    Great post, it's a topic I don't think has been fully explored (or at least distributed yet) with a lot of potential.

    Using the more advanced dash displays to control smartphones is something I've used and been very impressed with for both usability and safety. It was a luxury manufacturer. Through a bluetooth connection, I've used the dash to scroll through the contact book and make a call. I don't know if controlling GPS or even simply the song list was offered, (I was just solicited to help 'set it up').

    But I think the driver's experience of having the smartphone at the fingertips integrated into the dash display is tops. It makes the dash 'mine' and personalizes the experience. Not to mention the safety of keeping the phone in the console charging happily.

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