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Experienced Automotive and Technology Professionals Driving Industry Change

Redefining Automotive Market Research with Industry Expertise

The Enprecis management team combines decades of experience working with some of the world's leading technology and automotive companies, including Ford, Microsoft, Samsung, JP Morgan Chase, and more. Strong expertise in all areas of the business helps the executive team drive successful operations, ensuring the company's continued growth. The following brief backgrounds provide a quick overview of our team's expertise.

Ed Shapero, CFO/Executive Vice President of Corporate Development

Ed Shapero, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer

Ed is a Canadian Chartered Accountant with extensive business development and senior management experience in early-stage technology and technology-based service companies. He began his career in technology with the Canadian financial pioneer EDP, now part of EDS. Subsequently, Ed joined Shareholders Capital Corporation of Los Angeles, heading up information technology for all international activities. When Shareholders Capital was acquired by AIG, Ed moved on to lead a broad range of strategic planning assignments for Coopers & Lybrand Consulting. For the past 10 years, Ed has dedicated his time as an investor, advisor, and executive with a number of technology-based companies in automotive services and currently leverages his expertise in these areas to find new opportunities and partnerships for Enprecis.

Ike Lee, Chief Executive Officer, Enprecis Asia

Ike Lee, CEO Enprecis Asia

Throughout his 30-year business career in the United States, Ike Lee has achieved a formidable record of success as an investor, venture capitalist, and advisor to numerous early-stage innovative technology companies. He has advised key industry and government leaders in Asia on emerging global technology trends and strategic business developments, as well as the role of the Venture Capital industry. Ike’s experience includes handling mergers and acquisitions for Samsung Electronics, as well as advising a number of successful technology startups. Most recently, Ike has begun to focus his energy in the wireless and communication industry. He was drawn to Enprecis due to the growth in automotive telematics and the critical role that technology will play in the future of the industry. Ike believes that the breadth and depth of the information and software being provided to the automotive sector will grow significantly, and CQI answers a substantial need in the industry today. As the CEO of Enprecis Asia, Ike uses his regional and industry expertise to bridge the gap between Asia and the Americas, crafting mutually beneficial relationships between forward-thinking companies.

Jaques DaCosta, Vice President of Business Development for Enprecis North America

Jacques DaCosta, Vice President of Business Development for Enprecis North America

Jacques is a business development and management executive with more than 16 years of experience in automotive product development and market planning for both OEM and marketing services companies. At Enprecis, he is responsible for client business development initiatives within the North American market. Prior to joining Enprecis, Jacques led business Development and Operations for SCI, an industry leader in enterprise lead management and multichannel campaign marketing. Before going to SCI, Jacques served as a Senior Director at J.D. Power and Associates, responsible for business development and client management for several of the firms’ largest global customers, leading cross-functional teams responsible for the execution of major programs. Jacques came to J.D. Power from Honda Canada, where he was responsible for market and product planning and worked on several global vehicle line platform teams. He brings deep expertise in the automotive industry and business development to Enprecis.

Vincent Dupray, General Manager, Europe

Vincent Dupray, General Manager, Europe

Vincent is an automotive industry and market research expert with more than 20 years of experience in both fields. He leads European operations, managing clients and expanding business in Europe. Vincent holds degrees in electrical mechanics and intelligence marketing, and began his career for PSA Peugeot Citroën, handling different operational jobs in market research, parts and aftermarket. He then moved on to conduct large CRM projects for OEMs as the Director of Polk operations in France and Regional Director for part of Europe. Vincent came to Enprecis from TNS, the world's largest custom market research firm, where he served as Global Account Director and head of the automotive department in France. He continues to leverage his industry and market expertise for Enprecis.


Dave Girolamo, Manager of Data Analytics

Dave Girolamo, Manager of Data Analytics

Dave Girolamo is an automotive quality professional with 14 years of experience integrating technology and statistics to create predictive models that support innovative and lean manufacturing practices. His expertise has helped automobile manufacturers achieve multiple high-profile quality awards and streamline processes for optimal efficiency. As the manager of data analytics for Enprecis, he develops predictive strategies that help automakers prioritize their resources to improve vehicle quality and customer satisfaction. He comes to Enprecis after many years working directly with top automakers and ensures that our technological innovations are developed with the day-to-day activities of quality engineers in mind. Dave also expands the audience for quality data beyond engineers to include data sources related to marketing, sales, and product strategy, all in search of improving advocacy and loyalty throughout the customer experience.

Deanna Miller, Director of Client Program Management

Deanna Miller, Director of Client Program Management

Years of experience managing clients in different business situations have given Deanna the skills to lead successful client interactions, establishing close working relationships and a deep understanding of client needs. At Enprecis, Deanna leads a client program management team that uses a high-touch approach to coordinate complex, high-profile initiatives between multiple global stakeholders. Prior to taking on her role at Enprecis, Deanna served as a senior program manager at CSG Openline, designing targeted programs to foster productive partner interactions with Microsoft, AT&T, and Eaton. She also managed client relationships for Who's Calling, working closely with automakers and technology firms to implement custom initiatives targeted to produce measurable results.