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Continuous Customer Feedback for the Global Automotive Industry

Advanced Technology Measures Vehicle Quality and Customer Satisfaction

New technology is changing the automotive industry. Computers regulate almost every aspect of vehicle ownership, from navigation systems to maintenance reminders, while also providing high-tech features such as parking assistance and voice recognition. As automobiles become more complex, with electronics and software representing up to 60% of the perceived value of a vehicle, using technology to monitor and understand customer feedback becomes critical to automobile manufacturers' success. Identifying customer concerns quickly helps resolve issues sooner, avoiding costly recalls that damage customer trust and loyalty. Traditional phone- and paper-based survey methods have not proven sufficiently fast or detailed to keep up with evolving industry demand.

Enprecis brings a new level of sophistication to customer feedback collection and analysis, connecting automobile manufacturers, dealers, and owners through real-time customer feedback channels such as online surveys and mobile applications. Enprecis solutions provide detailed customer feedback in statistically significant amounts, enabling manufacturers and dealers to achieve measurable improvements in vehicle quality and customer satisfaction.

Automakers have used Enprecis to triple survey response rates, collect five times as many customer comments, and reduce reports of vehicle issues by half. All of these successes were achieved within short timeframes, especially compared to traditional feedback analysis tools such as direct mail surveys. The success of Enprecis clients shows the power of real-time data to effect real-time changes—before customers become dissatisfied and long before costly recalls are necessary. Enprecis technology gives the automotive industry the tools needed to design better vehicles, resolve customer issues more quickly, and manage the vehicle lifecycle.

Mission and Values

The work done at Enprecis is founded on a belief in the power of technology to make better vehicles. The continued successes of Enprecis clients confirms this belief every day, furthering Enprecis' mission to be the global standard for customer insight in the automotive industry.

This mission is driven by a vision of a world where accurate information enables the development of exciting, socially responsible, relevant, and profitable vehicles. Everyone deserves a safe yet impressive vehicle. Enprecis is leading the charge to make cars more amazing without ever sacrificing quality.

As a company, Enprecis values quality, accuracy, and innovation, reflecting these values in sophisticated technology that analyzes real customer insights, as well as in the ongoing development of new tools to promote better understanding of vehicle quality and customer opinion. With help from Enprecis, customers are empowered to voice their opinions, and automakers are empowered to use that customer feedback to improve the quality of products and services.

Awards and Recognition

Enprecis has been recognized on multiple fronts for its innovation in providing useful market research services around the globe. Awards received in 2012 alone include the Washington State Emerging Trader of the Year and King County Exporting Small Business of the Year.

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